Yes, Sheryl shares her expertise by Personal Coaching. Here’s what you can expect from your investment of time and money.

  1. We will do a Pre-Coaching Interview so that there is an understanding of where you are now and where you want to be.
  2. This is a Business Investment and the goal is to get you the best return on that time and money so…
  3. Each session is personal face-to-face or if out of town, via phone and/or video conferencing.
  4. You will never get thrown into a webinar or teleseminar, nor will you be coached by anyone other than Sheryl.
  5. Each session is recorded and sent to you so that you can re-hear and catch things you might have missed. You will receive that mp3 or 4 recording via dropbox.
  6. You will receive an Action Plan after coaching.  Not to overwhelm you but to give you a list of next steps.(Depending on your financial and time restraints, you will determine which steps to take next)
  7. You will have access to Sheryl via her personal phone number and email for one year after your start date at no additional charge.
  8. You will receive all of her materials and you will no longer be charged for any of her meetings/workshops that you attend.
  9. Sheryl will share additional resources that SHE uses to advance her business.

This is a business investment and often times tax-deductible. Check with your accountant for specifics.

There are THREE Program Options Available –
Always Focused on RESULTS!

One-Day Intensive

For those who need help NOW. We often hear from CEO’s that have upcoming important presentations; Inventors that need to learn how to Power Pitch, Speakers who want to move to the next level of Keynoting, etc. ($3,500)

Six-Month & Twelve-Month Coaching

Obviously a slower and more steady progression, often includes spouses or a team member. ($6,500 – $8,500)

Sheryl Nicholson

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