Get A Life Balanced | Sheryl Nicholson

Need HELP for Life Balance?

After presenting THOUSANDS of presentations and writing a book on work-life balance, Sheryl was asked to create a podcast on that subject.

What does Sheryl know about balancing a business and a personal life? She’s a mother and savvy GiGi to 12 grandchildren who all live locally and require attention and love. She was a caregiver (part of the Sandwich Generation) to her parents for years before they passed and understands that challenge. She’s also an artist with work in shops and local art shows. She makes time to write, flipped a house, speak, coach and travel.

Her podcast focuses first on taking a FREE Self-Assessment to see where you may be out of balance.

Then, you have the opportunity to break bad habits (isolation, procrastination, over-doing) and replace those with one tip a week. There will be 52 tips total.

You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or at her website www.GetaLifeBalanced.com. Sheryl has the tools and worksheets that she mentions on the podcast there. 

Did you know…She also has a Facebook group you can join to at GetaLifeBalanced? Come share your ideas too!