Solve It Then Sell It!

Solve It Then Sell It Book

“I increased my sales 330% using THIS 7-step formula!”

– Sheryl Nicholson, CSP

Now I share that success through this book, and offer a Certification Program for others to teach!

About the Speaker, Author, Trainer

Sheryl NicholsonHi.  I started out with in-home sales and quickly learned that if you have a product you love and can build rapport with ethical standards, people will buy.  But I was surrounded by managers who said “sales is a numbers game.”  There was no follow-up or relationship in their process.  I began paying attention to the why clients were buying from me and I created a system that worked.  I used this method with products AND services in several different industries and then was asked to share it with audiences worldwide.  Now I’m putting that expertise into YOUR hands to take to YOUR clients and audiences.

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Why You Will Profit From This Book:

We are ALL sales people! Many people have a problem with even saying the word. But you’ve been selling since you were a toddler and fought for that snack before dinner until your parents caved in. You just didn’t take “no” for an answer back then.

And if you’re looking for a job – you’ll be selling yourself and your talents to someone. Want a date? That’s a sales job! So’s a vacation! You must negotiate for what you want and it must benefit all to create a successful outcome.

I see two big mistakes most people make when promoting their product.

  1. They know too much and believe they need to educate others about their product.
  2. They just talk too much! They don’t need to “sell it” they need to SOLVE IT.


Private Investigator

You will find the first visual exercise is to take off the sales cap and replace it with a PI cap – PI = Private Investigator.

What does a private investigator do?

ASKS questions, listens for answers and SOLVES it!

If you have the knowledge on when and how to ask questions, you SOLVE the client’s issues WITH the inclusion of your product or service.  A win-win!

Some have had “pain training.”  Put your customer in pain and then they will buy?? People don’t purchase to “help you out”.  Well maybe some do – but they sure don’t offer referrals so you can “guilt” their friends.

You will now have a system that you can customize to YOUR style.  You’re not going to sound like a tape recording repeating some sales script you’ve been taught.   Your journey will be interesting, financially rewarding and FUN!  If you put these tools into practice, you will make more money and develop a confidence that creates referrals.  And of course, these great tools work in your personal relationships too.

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Get Certified to Train 

Are you looking to start speaking and need a results-oriented topic to bring to prospects?

Are you ALREADY a trainer and looking for another program to offer clients?

Are you an in-house educator and looking for a program you can use for your team members?

This program has been used and tested by International Professional Speaker, Author and Podcaster CSP Sheryl Nicholson and she offers guaranteed results using it!

What’s also unique about THIS SALES program is that is has been used for many industries that are not “sales oriented” with Great Success! For example…

Law Firms   |   Accounting Agencies   |   Engineering   |   Technology   |   Hospitals

If you gave your team a map, a direction that could be successfully repeated, the process becomes pleasurable and rewarding! This program is your GPS on your sales path.  It is a 7-step formula that allows

  1. Control in the process. No more walking away from a prospect because they have “side tracked” you.
  2. Confidence in knowing the direction you are headed so that you can repeat your success over and over with new clients
  3. Commitment to regain lost clients. Now you have a way to go back and recapture those clients where you just “winged it” and lost the sale.
  4. Communication long after the sale, that builds relationships with clients and brings additional referrals and business without even asking!

So what’s involved?


:: Time Investment

You have two options:

  1. Fly to Tampa for a day long certification process or
  2. Take the class online and become certified upon completion

Both options allow you to have one-year access via phone and email for follow up questions with CSP Sheryl Nicholson.  No other course offers THAT!

:: Business Investment

All in a One-Day Training at $4999.00 and includes:

  • Training Manual
  • Participant Workbook
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Paperback Book
  • Certification Certificate
  • and Lunch!

Class is held in Tampa in the Westchase area, just 15 minutes from the airport.

After Certification you can:

  1. Become your company’s in-house trainer – thus cutting the budget of bring in outside sales trainers.
  2. Speak on this topic at Association Meetings or as a Paid Keynoter at Conferences, transforming clients from prospects.
  3. Charge a separate fee for the material costs ($40 per student) This investment often comes from a separate budget.

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